domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

Last meeting in Carmarthen

Between 4th and 7th May 2015, we had the last of our meetings in Carmarthen, Wales. Ysgol Beca was the hosting school this time. In that meeting, only for teachers, we started to write the final report of this project although we also had time to enjoy some of the beauties of the area like the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. Teachers said goodbye to each other with the hope of participating in another project together again.

Comenius meeting in Odense

Between 20 and 25th April we had the fourth Comenius meeting in Odense, Denmark. Our host schools, Hunderupskolen and Tinglokkeskolen organized a perfect week for the rest of the guest schools. Students from Finland, Spain and Wales stayed in the houses of Danish students who took their role as hosts very seriously. It was a perfectly organized meeting with lots of activities including a fantastic visit to the capital, Copenhaguen.

Traditional dance in Finland

Here is a document made by Pattanen School in which they explain the origin of Polonaise, a traditional dance. We hope you enjoy it


We will write about polonaise because it’s a dance which pupils dance at our school every


Polonaise is a very easy dance because the most part of it is just walking around.

All dancers are in pairs and follow the first pair who lead them around the dance floor.

Polonaise is a traditional folk dance in Finland and it’s also danced in Sweden, for example.

Dancers often dance waltz at the end of the polonaise.

When dancing polonaise, girls usually wear dresses and boys suits. In Finnish high schools

pupils have the ball of the seniors in the second grade when pupils often prepare very well for

the day and invest more by having their hair done and by wearing fancy dresses. Polonaise is

a part of the ball of the seniors.

At our school volunteer ninth grades dance polonaise and waltz in the Independence Day

party in December. Polonaise is a tradition at our school. There are about 15-20 pairs every

year. This year there were over 20 pairs dancing and so it was really crowded to dance.

All the dancers were dressed very fancily and it was great to watch it. We practised polonaise

in P.E lessons and during school hours. Our video about polonaise was shot on that day.

Christmas traditions in Odense

Here is a comic made by the students of Hunderupskolen in which they show the traditions of Christmas in Odense.

Click here to see the document

Some facts about Odense

Here are some facts about Odense made by the students and teachers of Hunderupskolen

Click here to see the document

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014


Between the 3rd and the 4th of November, we carried out the second meeting of our Comenius project. This time Colegio Antonio de Nebrija was the host. Our school and the city of Murcia were the perfect scenario for four magical days in which we enjoyed a lot. 70 people visited us in Murcia (60 students and 10 teachers). The students stayed in the houses of the Spanish students.  We did a lot of activities. 

And now have a look at all the pictures.


Finland was in charge of our next Footprint. In this case, it was about traditional sports. We had an online lesson in which they showed us different sports like skateboarding or frisbee golf. They also showed us the amount of sugar and calories contained in all the snacks that we have in our everyday life. This is the link to the web of Pattasten Koulu where you will be able to watch the videos and all the material.


martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Our meeting in Finland

Between the 5th and the 10 May, teachers and students from the different countries travelled to Raahe in Finland where our partner Pattasten Koulu is located. Our students stayed in the houses of Finnish students. We made a lot of activities and we had a really good time. It was a superb experience for both teachers and students.

To see all the pictures, click here.

lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Try to cook our food

We have prepared our cookbooks with traditional food from the different countries. Now it's your turn to try to cook some of it. Have a look at our section "Our Footprints" and go to "Food" and click on the different countries to see our digital cookery books. Then cook one of the dishes of your choice. Send your teacher a photograph of you next to the dish that you have cooked to prove you have made it. Then click on this link to complete an online questionnaire to rate your dish.

Click here to do the questionnaire about food

jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Pattanen School: How to make recycled paper.

It was the turn of the Finnish school, Pattanen School. This time we all had a videoconference in which teachers and students told us about forests in Finland and how common it is to use recycled paper in that country. Then, the showed us live how to make recycled paper.

Watch a video explaining it made by Pattanen School

Here are some pictures of the videoconference.

 At the end of the lesson, the students launched an interactive quiz about all the things they had explained. Very interesting, Finland. Thank you very much.

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Posters about food made by Hunderupskolen

Posters from the food presentation

Foot Prints: 1) Choose 1-3 traditional dishes, find a photo, the recipe for the dish and upload both to the blog.
2) When all partners have uploaded photo and recipes, you'll choose 1 or 2 dishes, cook it, thake photos, taste it and finally rate it. Use the rating documents created for the purpose.

martes, 21 de enero de 2014

Second Online Lesson: Food (Hunderupskolen)

On Monday 20th of January we celebrated our second online session within our Comenius Footprints Project. This time the topic was food and it was presented by one of our Danish partners ( Hunderupskolen) and Susanne as the teacher. She talked about the evolution of food in Denmark from Prehistoric times to nowadays. And she taught us how to make Danish bread and some other traditional food with the help of some of her students. It was very illustrating and entertaining.